How To Make More Money With Backend Selling 2272

Backend selling ranks right up there with proven money generators such as joint ventures and email marketing.

Yes, all the most successful internet marketers who have made millions will tell you how much it did for them. The truth about the "backend" is it is the seat of profitability power in all marketing. What you want to do when you implement it is attract new customers and then offer them additional products in the ordering process.

Most businesses take the approach of offering higher priced items to existing customers - that is backend marketing. When you acquire a new customer, you may want to try using unannounced bonuses because they can be powerful. When you blow people away with something really good, that makes them think you are different - that is good. You can talk about something that is essentially a presell for your next product in line. This is not at all hard to do, but the most important thing is build relationships first.

Not only are your customers real people, obviously, but they represent value in your business. You can make a positive impact on them by letting them know how grateful you are for their business. When you reach out to them and ask if they are happy with things, they tend to remember those little things. It's genuine courtesy from your end, which just goes to show your concern for your customers. Perhaps a week to maybe two weeks should be good enough for this gesture. Hopefully you have more products, and then you can engage them with your backend funnel. When they are feeling good and positive about this, then your other products will have a greater chance with them.

Of course your customers will be part of your email marketing list, and you can do what you know how to do with them. Remember that when you engage in email marketing you are in effect selling to your backend. When you mail your list, you are building relationships and preselling to them. When you can write powerful preselling copy, then you can just about write your own ticket.

There are few things that can have the kind of dramatic impact on your bottom line like backend selling. So what you do is just take your buyers and keep marketing higher priced items on the backend. Once they start buying, if you continue to make them quality offers then they will continue. This is the exact formula that the professional marketers use to make millions.

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